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Mechammer Mark II

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...and forget it.

Affordable • Easy to Learn • Easy to Use

  • The Mechammer Mark II is the easiest planisher on the market to learn to use. It is a “set it and forget it” machine that does not require constant adjustment like other machines.
  • It can planish aluminum and steel with equal ease and yet does not require an air compressor.
  • A complete tooling suite is available, including beading, tipping, and rapid shaping anvils. Any planishing anvils are usable in the Mechammer Mark II.
  • The Mechammer Mark II has a true variable speed foot control, so beginners can master it faster than any other planisher.

How the Mechammer Mark II Works

The operating principal of the Mechammer Mark II consists of a mechanical piston creating alternately positive and negative pneumatic pressure which reciprocally moves a ram in a cylinder. By employing a pneumatic ram, hammer blows are actually cushioned, and automatically adjusted for the thickness of the gauge of metal being planished or shaped.

Unlike traditional planishers, there is no “clamping” of the workpiece and the operator is more easily able to maneuver the panel between the hammer and the anvil. Not having to develop a “feel” for panel movement and pressure accelerates the operator’s learning curve dramatically.

See the Mechammer Mark II in action

Advantages over Traditional Planishers

  • Affordable. The Mechammer Mark II can be purchased as a head unit only or in completed form. As a complete unit, the Mechammer Mark II is about half the cost of a CP-style planisher.
  • Adaptable. Already have a set of planishing anvils, maybe CP, Milwaukee, or ANY other style? The Mechammer Mark II allows you to use your old anvil set no matter who the maker is; just order the correct tool holder. One tool holder of your choice comes with the complete unit.
  • Doesn’t Clamp the Panel. Traditional planishers pinch the panel as you step on the pedal. The Mechammer Mark II uses no clamping pressure even when the pedal is pushed all the way down to achieve maximum BPMs. The panel is allowed to slide easily, allowing total operator control.
  • Quiet and Portable. No need for a noisy compressor and associated hoses. Operating on 110 volts, the machine can easily be moved anywhere in the job, or to another job site. It can also be built as a benchtop unit for maximum portability.
  • Easy Maintenance. Maintaining the Mechammer Mark II consists of simply adding a drop of oil into the head unit once a day. That’s it. There is no need to change air filters or drain a water separator. There are no hoses to kink, puncture, or trip over.
  • Easy to Learn. The gap between the anvil and the hammer is established once during the initial set-up of the machine and never needs to be reset, no matter who the operator is – expert or beginner. Unlike other machines, it doesn’t have to be reset depending on panel gauge.
  • Linear Stretch Indexing. The Mechammer Mark II linear stretch anvils have a unique base which allows them to be indexed in the Mechammer II tool holder. There is no need for duct tape or other makeshift methods to orient a linear stretch die. They can be held at 0˚, 45˚, or 90˚rigidly, and changed instantly, making linear stretching rapid and predictable.
  • Planishing, Beading, Tipping, & Shaping. Unlike other planishers, the Mechammer Mark II is designed to perform shaping functions easily, such as beading, tipping, and shaping. Easy-to-use anvils and special tooling are available, all at very affordable prices.
  • Flanging. The ”third arm” feature allows for easy flanging in even the tightest spaces. Perfect 90˚ flanges are possible, as are flanges deep into tubular shapes.
  • Service. Have a question or issue? A real person will answer your e-mail questions promptly and help you solve any issue you may have. Most traditional planishers were designed over 75 years ago, and are no longer supported by their manufacturers.

Move up to the next generation today.

The Mechammer Mark II means more productivity in less time.